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Fashion Tips for Big and Tall

Read a few fashion tips for big and tall men. Finding a retailer that offers a selection for big and tall men is just the start. Consider these tips as you shop for clothing that fits, is functional, and highlights your best qualities—not your flaws.

Safety Clothing: One of the Most Important Tools on the Job

Depending upon your industry, safety clothing can be one of the most important tools on the job. Read about some of the considerations workers in different industries have when it comes to protecting themselves from occupational hazards.

Importance of Safety Footwear

Safety footwear is the most frequently purchased form of personal protective equipment (PPE) and is the type of PPE that is most often worn in the workplace. Though they do not guarantee to protect a person’s feet, wearing them does help to make sure that the risk of injury from hazards on the job will be minimized.

New Balance Shoes: “America is for the Makers” Campaign

Underscoring everything that the New Balance shoe and athletic wear company does is their pride in their American manufacturing heritage. That’s the message behind their latest campaign, called “America is for the Makers,” that is intended as a celebration of the 75-year history of the U.S. manufacturing of New Balance shoes, and of the high quality of American craftsmanship.

Should You Get to Wear Your Wrangler Jeans to Work?

Even though wearing jeans to work is much more common than it used to be, it still isn’t permitted everywhere. More and more companies allow their workers to dress down on Casual Fridays, and some are even beginning to embrace a more casual atmosphere all week long. May your company become one of them? If so, Wrangler jeans offer a broad selection that may fit in wherever you work.

Timberland PRO Offers Many Safety Boots Options

Safety boots have taken a number of steps forward—so to speak—not only in protecting feet against injury, but also when it comes to fashion. This is where Timberland PRO safety boots have truly excelled, as they have managed to combine high quality protection in a number of different styles to best suit the wearer’s taste and comfort.

Dickies - Among the Top Workwear Brands

When it comes to truly high quality workwear, there are a number of different brands that produce garments that are comfortable, practical, functional, and created to last. Whether in the form of everyday wear or uniform pieces, different leading brands excel in their own unique areas. Make sure that you consider each of them to be sure that you’re making the right choice for your specific job.

Work Boots for Men - Guide to Match the Work Boot to the Job

Selecting the right work boots for your job is an extremely important process.  It can make the difference between being uncomfortable with a high risk of injury, and enjoying your work in comfort and safety.  In fact, the wrong footwear has even been to blame for the deaths of many workers over the years, in more extreme circumstances.

Guide to Sizing New Balance Shoes for Men

When it comes to choosing the ideal size for New Balance shoes for men, it isn’t always just a matter of looking at the number on the box.  There are a number of different factors that should be considered to find the perfect fit.  This high quality brand has gone to great lengths to make certain that whether you will be walking, running, or taking part in a broad range of different activities while wearing these shoes, you’ll be able to find just what you’re looking for in terms of comfort, performance, and injury prevention.

Big and Tall Clothes for Men: A Measurement Guide

Big and tall clothes for men have a unique type of sizing, so if you don’t happen to fit into the height and weight group for the average man, then it is more than likely that the average size of clothing won’t fit you well, either.  This is a very important issue to understand, because wearing clothing that is improperly fitted will not allow you to achieve the best possible look.  This may not be too much of a concern if you are simply lounging around on the couch, but the moment you leave the house, people will start to take notice. 

Dickies Work Clothes - Style Guidelines for the Working Man

When it comes to wearing the right clothes as a working man, there are a few guidelines that you can follow to make sure that you’re always dressed appropriately.  Shopping for the right brand of work clothes is always a good first step, so make sure that you look at Dickies. 

Men's Levi Jeans Fit Guide

Levi’s is well known for its jeans style numbers, which can make it easy to replace your favorite pair when they've worn out, but the long list of different options can make it rather confusing when you make your first purchase or when you decide to buy a new style. 

Carhartt - Best Jacket for the Job

When your job involves workout outside, it means that you may be exposed to some rather extreme weather, and you will need to be certain that you are wearing the right jacket to protect yourself from the elements.  This is especially important when you’re headed out into very wet and/or cold weather.  

New Balance Shoes for Men With a Clean Everyday Casual Look

In the world of footwear, many have struggled to find a product that is comfortable, but that still looks appropriate for everyday wear. Men’s New Balance shoes have overcome this problem by designing shoes that are as comfortable as a sneaker, but that provide the wearer with a more polished and clean-cut look that is appropriate for everyday casual wear or even business wear on days such as “dress down Friday.” 

Levi Jeans for Men: By the Numbers

Every style of Levi jeans for men has its own history to explain how it came into existence and who loves them the most. From the well-known classic, the Levis 501, to some of the newer styles, every one of these numbers has been added to the line for a reason. Get to know where your favorite option came from and discover some new styles that you might like to add to your own wardrobe.

Safety Footwear That Doesn’t Look the Part

Many jobs and activities require you to use safety footwear in order to keep your feet safe, but all too many of those products take away from the overall look of your clothes. Fortunately, G&L Clothing offers a number of options that can get the job done, while being comfortable and looking great at the same time.

Classic Dickie Shirt Styling in Ten Different Color Options

The classic long sleeve and short sleeve style of the Dickies shirt is what makes it one of the most well known and loved pieces of work wear on the market. Now, these options are available in a wide range of colors to make sure that they will suit any personal style and taste, as well as the work environment.

Wearing a Legend: Men’s Levi Jeans

It is rare to find a household that does not include a pair of jeans in its dresser drawers, hanging in the closet, or tossed in the laundry basket after a long, hard day of work. However, this wasn’t always the case. It’s hard to think about a time in which iconic men’s Levi jeans styles such as the 501, 505, and 517 were not a part of our everyday lives.

What if Style Determined the Best Work Boots for Men?

At G&L Clothing, we know there is nothing more important than safety on the job site. That’s one of the reasons we offer a wide variety of safety boots, including steel-toe and composite-toe work boots from trusted manufacturers such as Timberland Pro, Lacrosse, Keen, Carolina, Danner and more. All of our safety-toe boots have been ASTM certified so they will keep your feet protected and comfortable through the entire day. 

What’s the Difference between Safety Toe Boots and Steel Toe Boots?

Did you ever wonder what the difference is between safety toe and steel toe boots? Find out from G&L Clothing and also find a good selection of work boots too.

Carhartt Brand Men’s Clothing – Available in a Wide Range of Sizes

G&L Clothing carries a full line of Carhartt clothing for men, women, kids and babies. Read a bit about the descriptions of both companies and an overview of the Carhartt clothes from G&L Clothing.

What Type of Jobs Require Flame Resistant Clothing?

G&L Clothing explains the necessity of flame resistant clothing and the types of jobs that require FRC for their employees.

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