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  1. Carhartt Men's Spring Style Guide

    Time to ditch those heavy sweaters and wool-lined coats for something a little lighter. Warmer weather is almost here and G&L Clothing is ready to help you put a little spring in your step to match the spring in your closet. Use our Carhartt Men's Spring Style Guide to shop for the men in your life who might just need an extra helping hand when it comes to finding the right threads. 

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  2. Carhartt Kids Gift Guide

    With Christmas just around the corner, don't forget about the kids in your life. Carhartt's kids line outfits infants and toddlers in stylish apparel that keeps your little ones moving until nap time. Shop the Carhartt Kids Gift Guide for all your last minute holiday shopping needs. 

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  3. Carhartt Women's Winter Style Guide

    Cold weather calls for clothing that keeps you dry and comfortable. Whether it's out on the job site or curled up for the weekend, Carhartt's women's line offers you day-in, day-out functionality in the latest styles, from thermals to flannels to bibs, and more. 

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  4. Winter Work Boots

    Insulation and heat protection are two of the most important elements when considering your winter weather boot purchase. Boot manufacturers have different types of insulation for different kinds of boots so that you can choose the heat-trapper that’s right for your winter work. Most boots will include the weight of insulation within the description. Follow our guide to understanding winter weather boot insulation.

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  5. Carhartt Men's Winter Style Guide

    A new year should mean a fresh, new style, and G&L Clothing is here to help. We're up to date with the latest styles from all of the top workwear brands across the country; no matter what size you wear, G&L Clothing has the size and style for you. These threads from Carhartt work just as hard as you do, so why wait? Start your new year-new you shopping now. 

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  6. Shoes That Fit - Help Kids in Des Moines!

    We all know the seasons are changing and the weather is getting colder. While a lot of us have warm boots, coats, and shoes to help keep us warm through the winter months, there are still many more out there that do not have the items they need for the cold weather ahead. That is why G&L Clothing continually teams up with Shoes That Fit, Mediacom, and KIOA to help provide these essential items to children who would otherwise go without. We would like to ask for your help to get these kids the new items they need for the seasons ahead. You can make a donation and find more information about Shoes That Fit right here.

    Really in the giving mood? Stop in our store and head up to the front counter and you can find our Shoes That Fits sign that already has sheets filled with detailed information about items that local children are in need of, pick up one, purchase the item and we will get it donated to Shoes Th

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  7. Best Work Boots for the Job

    Job sites are a hotspot for hazards. With heavy and sharp objects, unexpected terrain, and power equipment that can weigh hundreds of pounds, workers need to make sure their bodies stay well protected day in and day out. The right work apparel is key to worker safety, and selecting the best work boots for the job is no exception. 

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  8. Carhartt Jackets for Fall

    Working in the outdoors can leave you exposed to extreme weather conditions. The right jacket protects you from the elements, no matter how harsh, and Carhartt understands what you need from a jacket on the job. Carhartt Jackets for Fall come in a variety of styles so you have the freedom to choose the look and performance you need. 

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  9. Carhartt Accessories for Fall

    Accessorize your Carhartt wardrobe this fall. Crisp mornings and cool nights mean you need easily accessible warmth -- hats, caps, gloves, and more. Shop our Fall Carhartt Accessories guide for the latest styles that keep you warm all autumn long. 

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  10. Fall Carhartt Clothing Collection

    As the seasons change, it's time to stock up on the newest styles from Carhartt. From Force thermals to utility knit leggings, Carhartt clothing keeps you warm while you keep working hard. For one of the widest selections of the country's hardest working workwear brand, shop the Fall Carhartt collection at G&L Clothing. 

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