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  1. G&L Clothing's Guide to College Tailgating

    Tailgating time is here and we’ve got the apparel you need to show your team spirit all season long. Whether you’re repping black and gold or red and white, this football season it’s Go Bib or Go Home.

    Let’s break it down for you, team by team.

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  2. High Visibility Garment Care

    High-visibility apparel is intended to make the wearer more visible with color enhanced fabrics and reflective taping. Like any type of clothing, even high-visibility garments can fade, become soiled and torn, but with high-visibility apparel, these imperfections can reduce the effectiveness of the garment. Use these specific washing instructions for Carhartt High-Visibility clothing so your garments last as long as possible. 

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  3. Levi's Fit Guide

    Levi's Jeans has a fit for everyone. Whether it's straight leg, boot cut, or relaxed, use our Levi's Fit Guide to discover the style that fits you best. Need tips on Levi's Jeans Care? Don't worry, we've got you covered

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  4. Levi's Care Guide

    G&L Clothing carries one of the largest selections of Levi styles. 501s? Orange tabs? Classic button fly or an easy zipper? Once you've found your perfect fit, follow our Levi's Care Guide to keep your jeans looking great for longer. 

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  5. Women's Summer Clothing Guide

    Ninety degree days are here and there's no turning back from the summer heat. That means it's time to ditch the long sleeves and break out the shorts. Whether it's a summer bike ride or a backyard BBQ, our summer clothing guide will keep you cool.

    Featured Women's Summer Clothing

    These lightweight shorts from Carhartt are made from 98% cotton and 2% spandex, and are designed with a contoured waistband that prevents any gappi
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  6. Men's Summer Carhartt Clothing Guide

    If you haven't felt the heat yet, well, where have you been? Summer's here. Pack up those winter clothes and break out those cut-off tees and shorts. Okay, maybe leave the cut-offs. Instead, try something from our men's summer clothing guide. When the heat goes up, we're here for you. 

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  7. What to Wear: Wrangler

    For rugged workwear that's American made, look no further than Wrangler from G&L Clothing. The first pair of Wrangler jeans were especially designed for the hardworking cowboy back in 1946, and we know your Wrangler workwear will still hold up to the tough and dirty chores of today.

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  8. Essential High-Visibility Apparel

    Dark roadways and fast cars are no problem when you're reflective in high-visibility apparel.

    Who wears high-visibility clothing?

    High-visibility clothing is required for a number of people who work in industries like:
    • construction
    • surveying
    • landscaping
    • maintenance
    • flagging
    • paving
    • emergency
    • utility
    The Federal Highway Workers Visibility Rule (23 CFR Sec. 634) requires these workers to wear high-visibility clothing. OSHA inspectors can enforce this rule for anyone working on public access roadways.

    How do I know if my clothing meets the high visibility requirements?

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  9. Carhartt Men's Spring Style Guide

    Time to ditch those heavy sweaters and wool-lined coats for something a little lighter. Warmer weather is almost here and G&L Clothing is ready to help you put a little spring in your step to match the spring in your closet. Use our Carhartt Men's Spring Style Guide to shop for the men in your life who might just need an extra helping hand when it comes to finding the right threads. 

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  10. Essential Carhartt Rainwear Gear

    Eventually that snow will give way to rain, and G&L Clothing wants you to be prepared. Stock your closet now with the essential Carhartt rainwear gear so your daily workload doesn't suffer the next time a day of rainy weather comes to town. 

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