We all know Carhartt jackets are tough, but that can make them difficult to break in. Here are some tips and tricks to get your jacket fitting you better, faster.

  1. Wear it in the rain, or get it wet. Leave it on while it’s drying and it will form to your body.
  2. Wash your Carhartt with a pair of tennis shoes, and let hang to dry.
  3. Put your Carhartt in the dryer on tumble dry, no heat. The rivets and buttons will steadily beat the jacket until it is softer and more worn.

Distressed Carhartt

Waterproofing your Carhartt is another simple modification that will increase the longevity of your item! Use an organic wax such as otter wax or an oil finish wax. Heat the wax until it is liquefied, and quickly paint your jacket with it as the wax will begin to harden on your brush. You can use a hair dryer to speed up your drying process.

(We recommend breaking the jacket in before you apply your waterproofing.)

waxed Carhartt

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