Finding the best dress pant for you

A nice pair of dress pants is a must have for anyone’s wardrobe. Whether they are a casual or professional look, these pants are lightweight, comfortable, and look great all day long. A lot of factors go into searching for dress pants such as fabric type and weight, the fit, pleated or not, etc. If you are browsing through local shops or searching online, visit us at G&L Clothing, for the perfect pair of dress pants at a decent price.

When it comes to fabrics the possibilities seem endless, and whether you want to take your pants to the dry cleaner or wash them at home can determine your fabric choice. All of our dress pants are constructed with machine washable fabrics such as polyester, cotton, or a durable blend. The majority of our stock is easy to maintain and most feature a wrinkle free treatment that eliminates ironing. The Savane brand dress pants are one of our best sellers, and rightly so. With an expandable waist, permanent pleats or a flat front, and made with quality materials, like our Savane Pleated Chinos or the Gabardine Flat Front Dress Pants, who wouldn't want to own a pair? Simply click on the words to be directed to our website.

The presence of pleats can accentuate certain features on some, and ultimately become uncomfortable. A rule of thumb states it is better to have pleats, drawing the eye down making the wearer seem slimmer. Flat fronts are more suited to thinner individuals, having an inverse effect, and making them appear a little bigger. Luckily, we stock Savane in as many styles as there are colors, so contact us directly if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Savane Select Edition Gabardine Expandable Waist Dress Pant - Flat Front Navy EclipseSavane Gabardine Expandable Waist Big & Tall Dress Pant - Flat Front TaupeSavane Gabardine Expandable Waist Big & Tall Dress Pant - Pleated Heather BrownSavane Performance Expandable Waist Chino Pant - Pleated Navy

Fit and comfort are some of the most important factors when selecting your dress pants. The best fitting will allow two fingers to fit into the waistband when the pants are worn. This will allow the wearer necessary room for movement as well as sitting comfort. With a modern waistband that allows for 2” of additional comfort, our Dockers Comfort Cargo pant or the Pleated Khaki is the perfect addition to your clothing collection. Though the Dockers Cargo is not categorized as a dress pant, it does exhibit the same professional, clean style you’re shopping for.

Dockers Comfort Cargo Pant Desert SandDockers Comfort Cargo Pant Midnight RunDockers Comfort Cargo Pant

When choosing dress pants always remember that the most important factor in any piece of clothing is comfort. Ensure that you look good but also that you are comfortable in the garment. Haggar's Work to Weekend® Khaki slacks are great just about anywhere, from the office to the golf course and everywhere in between. The standard expandable waist and classic fit are sure to prompt anyone to purchase more than one versatile, durable, and above all, comfortable pair.

Haggar Work to Weekend® Flat Front Expandable Waist Pant OliveHaggar Work to Weekend® Flat Front Expandable Waist Pant Dark NavyHaggar Work to Weekend® Flat Front Expandable Waist Pant KhakiHaggar Work to Weekend® Flat Front Expandable Waist Pant Black

Check out all of our dress pants online, or call us directly to place an order and ask about sizing, or product information.