Carhartt Waterproof Breathable Huron Jacket and Pant

Carhartt outerwear is not just for cold weather anymore, the Carhartt crew has developed new outwear options that will keep you comfortable and protected against the elements all year long. The Waterproof Breathable Huron Jacket and Pants are a lightweight and durable rain set by Carhartt, sure to stand up to any task.

The Huron Jacket and Pant was created for balmy weather and wet conditions. The set includes a wide variety of features, and are manufactured to produce the best protection Carhartt can offer. Take a look at some of the quality traits these products employ.

  • A rugged 3-oz nylon rip-stop fabric with a water repellent finish makes up the outer coating. The rip-stop is woven in such a way as to make it more resistant as to ripping and tearing by interlocking threads, making up the pant in a grid of fabric. For example, if you happen to snag this jacket on a nail or something similar, the fabric helps to prevent further tearing and fraying compared to standard nylon.
  • The inside is coated with a waterproof, yet breathable membrane that works to keep you dry while allowing heat to escape. The interior is printed with Carhartt’s distinguished brand name, and not just for show; it helps protect the coating and keeps moisture away from your skin.
  • The hood is attached, and secured with a draw-cord adjuster. If sudden rain storms occur, or you need to work while power-washing, the hood is accessible and easy put on.
  • Fully taped seams and double storm flaps on the coat and pant keep rain, and most anything else, out. The gussets on the leg zippers allow the pant to go on easily over shoes or boots, and when paired with rubber boots or shoe coverings, it creates an impenetrable barrier.
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop cuffs give the jacket a lot of room for mobility, and a better fit when active. The pant also features an elastic waist and adjustable draw-cord for the same range of mobility and comfort.
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This is just a glimpse behind the great engineering Carhartt has made available by introducing the Waterproof Breathable Huron Jacket and Pant set. Carhartt fans love these two items because of their mobility and non-constricting nature. The clothing still allows for an under-layer, like a sweatshirt or fleece pants, if you require additional warmth. During light rain or a torrential downpour, the combination of water resistant rip-stop fabric and the interior membrane, keep you dry while letting your body breathe. The set is versatile for casual wear or out on the job, and with lots of storage, it’s very easy to take whatever you need along with you.

Carhartt Huron Rain Pant

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