Tailgating time is here and we’ve got the apparel you need to show your team spirit all season long. Whether you’re repping black and gold or red and white, this football season it’s Go Bib or Go Home.

Let’s break it down for you, team by team.

G&L Clothing’s Guide to College Tailgating

Black Bibs

These Black Game Bibs are suitable for all you Vanderbilt and Wake Forest football fans. Did you know? The first organized football game ever played in Tennessee gave Vanderbilt a 40-0 win over Nashville (Peabody) with team captain Elliot Jones playing double duty as Vanderbilt’s coach. Will Vanderbilt win another 40-0 game this year? You tell us.

Green Bay (Yellow and Green)

Next time the Oregon Ducks play football rivals Oregon State University Beavers, you better be sporting these yellow and green bibs. Ducks v Beavers is the 7th oldest rivalry in the nation, duking it out every year at the end of each regular season with the ‘Civil War’ rivalry game. With the only Disney character mascot, Donald Duck, maybe it’s true that at U of O, dreams really do come true.

Iowa (Black and Gold)

It’s fight, fight, fight for Iowa when you wear your black and gold bibs at the Kinnick Stadium legendary tailgate parties. There’s plenty of room for Iowa fans at Kinnick, boasting 20 miles of bleacher seats inside four grandstands, as well as 79 rows in the east and west grandstands. But don’t worry, these black and gold bibs aren’t just for Iowa fans —we’ve got you covered, too, Mizzou and Southern Miss.

ISU (Cardinal and Gold)

We’ve got a soft spot for ISU fans, but these cardinal and gold bibs are perfect for Arizona State, University of South Carolina, and Central Michigan tailgaters, too. Of all the sports ISU plays, football’s been around the longest, with the first game played all the way back in 1892. In 2015, Jack Trice Stadium set the current record for single-game attendance with 61,500 people — will the 2018 season bring a new stadium-wide record? We hope so!

Navy and White

Calling all Penn State, Utah State, Nevada, and Old Dominion fans! We’ve got a fun fact for each of you navy and white game bib wearers. Penn State: When y’all first started playing ball, you did it without a coach, a stadium, or even a designated football field! Now that’s dedication. Utah State? With one of the oldest rivalries in the nation, Utah State and Wyoming play in the Bridger’s Battle and the winner takes home a .50-caliber Rocky Mountain Hawken Rifle. Now for Nevada — each year (for 102 years!), 400 Nevada students are shuttled up the hill to paint the “N” in “UNR,” which takes just over 2 hours and 25 gallons of white paint. Last but not least, Old Dominion: though a relatively new team in the world of college football, after playing 27 games in its “modern era,” ODU received its first top 25 ranking in 2011.

Nebraska (Red and White)

Nebraska, Houston, Wisconsin, and Miami of Ohio, these red and white game bibs are just your size. But for now, let’s just focus on you, Nebraska, our midwest neighbors. With more conference championships than any Big Ten teams, they boast more wins than Wisconsin, Purdue, Northwestern, Penn State, Michigan State, and Indiana combined. If you’re playing Nebraska this season, get ready — in the last 477 games, they’ve only been shut out twice. After 11 undefeated seasons, it’s safe to say you should sport your red and white to support one of the best teams on the field.

Orange and Black

OSU has scored a total of 1,145 points over the years, averaging 10.8 points per game, but we think if you wear your black and orange Game bibs to the next Oklahoma State tailgate, you might just be able to increase that average ; ). Don’t worry, Oregon State, we haven’t forgotten about you Beavers fans. Next time you head out to Reser Stadium, slide into these tailgating bibs and help your team get all the way to another bowl game.

Red and Black

Red and black Game bibs cover a lot of territory all across the country. We’re looking at you, Rutgers, Cincinnati, Texas Tech, San Diego State, Georgia, Maryland, UNLV, Utah, North Carolina State, and Western Kentucky. Whether you’re north, east, south, or west, there’s no excuse not to see these red and black bibs the next time your team plays college ball! We’re sure you have some pretty crazy tailgating traditions (too many to count!), so why not let us know your favorite in the comments? And while you’re at it, take a selfie in your red and black!

UNI (Purple and Gold)

Panther fans! Next time you step into the UNI Dome, you better be sporting purple and gold bibs! Your Panthers need you! With a perfect 72 degrees and no wind for every home game, its no wonder UNI ended the 2017 season while an all-time home record of 208-55-1. One of the toughest games all season is the in-state rivalry, UNI v Iowa. When the two schools met for the first time in 1898, UNI swept Iowa, but U of I’s been strong to retaliate with 16-0 in the series since. The chance for a 2018 win has already come and gone, but hey, we think if you keep repping your team in these purple and gold game bibs, 2019 will be your year!

Michigan (Blue and Yellow)

If it wasn’t for Michigan, did you know there’d be no football at Notre Dame? In 1879, the U of Michigan football team stopped by South Bend on their way to the University of Chicago and spent the afternoon teaching their future rivals how to play a little pig skin. Fast forward to the 1920s, and UMich brought real, live wolverines, Biff and Bennie, onto the field as team mascots. Once Biff and Bennie got a little bigger, the team’s pets had to be retired, so it’s up to you, now Wolverines fans. Yell from the stands as loud as you can, and don’t forget to wear your blue and yellow Game bibs!

Go Bib or Go Home

This season, it’s go bib or go home. Don’t show up to the big tailgate unprepared and underdressed! Game bibs are perfect for the whole family with adult, youth, and toddler sizes available now at G&L Clothing.